In the path to ascension of power taken by those mortals who desire to become gods or godminds, items of incredible power are created to augment their abilities. Some of these items were left behind, lost, or forgotten by their creators, resulting in items of awesome potential. The minor artifact detailed below is not unique a item, but the techniques used to create such an item are no longer available, either through loss of knowledge or lack of ability.

Talisman of the Myriad:

This talisman is set on a gold chain and is composed of a cubic crystal that can rotate in its setting. The unusual crystal is four different colors: one color for each face of the crystal that can be displayed. Once per day, each face of this crystal grants the wielder the ability to manifest a single power from another discipline as if it was on the wielder’s powers known list. The wielder may choose which power is being manifested each day; it is not static. However, this flexibility comes with a price. Any power manifested using the talisman costs the manifester an additional four power points that cannot be used for augments or metapsionic effects and he is still limited to his manifester level for total power points spent.

Strong telepathy; ML 24th; weight —

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