Anticipate Power [Psionic]

You can anticipate and cancel your enemy’s manifestations.

Prerequisite: Manifester Level 3+

Benefit: The psionic complexus of your mind exists partially outside the timestream, and thus it is aware of events a scant few seconds into the future. You can use this feat by readying an action until an opponent tries to manifest a power. If an opponent attempts to manifest a power,make a Psicraft check (DC 15 + the power’s level).
If the check succeeds, you correctly identify your opponent’s power and can counter it. (If the check fails, you can’t do either of these things.) You must also take into account metapsionic and/or augmentation power point increases of the power anticipated when setting the Psicraft check Difficulty Class. (For every 2 additional power points an anticipated power costs above its base power point cost, the Difficulty Class of the Psicraft check goes up by 1.)
Powers without displays and freely manifested powers cannot be anticipated.

To complete the action, you create a psionic interference pattern by expending a number of power points equal to the cost of the power you wish to cancel. (You must also pay the cost of any metamagic power point increases; you can’t spend more power points countering than your effective manifester level.) If the enemy manifester is within 30 feet of you, the target power is negated.

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