Animate Tree

Nature [Plant]
Difficulty Class: 24
Channeling Time: 1 standard action
Range: 30 feet
Target: One tree
Duration: Aura
Saving Throw: None

As you utter the words of the incantation, the tree begins to move on its own accord. Two of its thickest branches rise upward, as its bark begins to form the shape of an elderly face. The tree uproots itself, and looks at you with an expression of servitude.

This incantation turns an otherwise normal tree into the semblance of a treant (see the MM). This incantation must be used on a healthy, Huge, tree. The tree takes 1 full round to uproot itself.

The tree gains the statistics of a treant, except that it doesn’t have an Intelligence score, and follows your commands like a golem would. If the treant isn’t directed by you, it does nothing (but it isn’t helpless).

If you cease concentrating on this incantation, the treant immediately takes root where it stands.

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