The Cognizance Psicrystal


Conserving power has always been a problem for manifesters. No matter where they come from or what devotion they follow, sooner or later everyone runs dry and it is at such times that a cognizance crystal is useful. But cognizance crystals have one deep flaw, you can channel your psionic energy reserve into them, but you cannot channel it out of the crystal, only expend it. The cognizance psicrystal, on the other hand, holds an ever expanding storage which can hold the psionic power within the manifester, making it available to the manifester at a later date. Because of the intense connection their telepathic bond provides and the fact that they are really the same person, even if one shard only has a certain facet,the cognizance psicrystal can channel power back to its master.


As a standard psicrystal; to create a cognizance psicrystal, you need the Craft Cognizance Crystal feat and need to expend 100 experience points to fuel the ritual which bonds the master and the psicrystal together.

Interaction with psicrystals

Any kind of psicrystal or [[[alternate psicrystal: psicrysmal]] can become cognizant, but a psicrystal weapon cannot have the power storing special ability if it is also a cognizance psicrystal.


The master of a cognizance psicrystal can store his manifester level in power points inside the psicrystal and either use them to fuel a power (just like normal for a cognizance crystal) or refill his own power point reserve. This is an exception to the rule that you can not refill the power point reserve with another source like this. Once the manifester reaches 21st level, the psicrystal can also use these power points to fuel its own manifestations of powers. To channel power points into or out of a cognizance psicrystal, the master and crystal need to be touching each other.

The cognizance psicrystal is treated in all other ways as a standard psicrystal.

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