The Awakened Psicrystal


When a manifester forms a psicrystal from a shard of their own personality, that essence can be enhanced to
the point where it begins to manifest psionic powers by itself. These psicrystals are called ‘awakened’ psicrystals because their phrenic potential has been aroused within them. This awakening also stirs their intelligence and
strengthens the connection between the manifester and the psicrystal; these psicrystals therefore tend to become more
proactive, acting on their own instincts or ideas unless commanded otherwise by their masters. Some hatch plans
and become co-conspirators with their masters and stories are whispered of awakened psicrystals who outsmarted
their masters and in turn became the controlling force in the relationship between manifester and psicrystal.

Regardless of these stories, some manifesters choose to enhance their psicrystals and awaken their inner talents to
better aid them in the world.


You need the Psicrystal Affinity feat and the Awakened Psicrystal feat to awaken a psicrystal.

Interaction With Psicrystals

A psicrystal or psicrysmal can be awakened at any time in its life cycle, regardless of its manifester’s level, immediately gaining the bonuses when its master takes the Awakened Psicrystal feat.

A psicrystal weapon can also be awakened, but in this case the master must expend one of his own standard actions to manifest one of the psi-like abilities presented below, since the psicrystal weapon has no actions of its own.

An awakened implanted psicrystal can choose to manifest any and all psi-like abilities with a target of Personal or You on its master instead of itself, just as if it was using the share power special ability.


The awakened psicrystal immediately gains a +2 bonus to Intelligence and accompanying effects such as extra skill
points. The range of its sighted, telepathic speech and sight link abilities are doubled (e.g. the sighted ability extends
to 80 feet instead of 40 feet). It also learns how to manifest a group of powers as psi-like abilities, with a manifester level equal to ½ its master’s character level (minimum 1). Save DCs are based on Intelligence.

Choose one from the following groups for the awakened psicrystal:

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