Major godmind
Worshippers: psychic warriors, psions, assassins
Nodes: Fear, Mind, Psionic, Secret
Alignment: NE
State of Consciousness: Active, consciousness
Favored Weapon: fear

In the deepest corner of the darkest nook in the dreamscape, nightmares from time immemorial coalesce, join, and even compete, drawn into a swirling vortex of energy that has existed since the beginning of time. In this frightening place, these darkest dreams give energy to a being whose very essence is one of fear, a being who knows no other motive than to instill absolute terror into creatures, creating new nightmares on which to feed. Believed to be the essence of the nightmares of even deities and other immense beings, the godmind named Aeni, sometimes called the Darkest Dream, is the true embodiment of fear.

For mortals, it is believed that those dubbed the nameless fear are servants of Aeni, working to enact its will. In reality, some among the nameless fear are larval nameless that have joined with the consciousness that is Aeni, growing in power into augmented nameless and returning to feed upon fear. The other creatures of the nameless fear simply have natures that coincide with Aeni, although they may not be aware of Aeni or actively follow its guiding presence.

As the godmind of fear, Aeni grants adherents access to fear-inducing powers and abilities. Those who spread and foment fear and terror gain in power granted from Aeni, while those who instill courage and hope are seen as enemies. However, Aeni itself is not believed to be a truly sentient being, instead it is in a near dreamlike state beyond true communication with the lesser beings which serve it, for most Aeni is simply the power of fear made incarnate.

Doctrine: The cultists or worshippers of the Darkest Dream believe that it is their responsibility to enlighten others to the reality of the world through fear. They believe that this fear opens up the victims to view new possibilities and re-examine their own central moral core, to learn who they really are. By facing these fears they learn who they are ready to stand up to and what they are ready to stand up for; thus this enlightenment allows people to live the remainder of their lives in accordance with who they truly are.

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