Additional Psicrystal [Psionic]

You are able to gain a second psicrystal companion to the first.

Prerequisites: Manifester level 9th, Improved Psicrystal, Psicrystal Affinity.

Benefit: You gain an additional psicrystal with a separate personality than your first. You gain all the benefits of this new psicrystal as if it was a normal psicrystal, although any Improved Psicrystal feats may only apply to a single psicrystal. The Alertness feat benefits granted by being close to your psicrystal can be gained by proximity to either psicrystal, but you do not gain the benefits twice for having both nearby. You may also only share powers with a single psicrystal at any time.

Normal: You may only have one psicrystal.

Special: If you have the ability to store a psionic focus in your psicrystal from effects such as the Psicrystal Containment feat, you may only store a psionic focus in a single psicrystal at any time.

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